Stand by!

Dear Readers,

As we progress through Life’s journey we inevitably encounter things and people along the way.  No matter how vehemently we may claim otherwise, these encounters change us or our course.  Most of these changes are tiny; so small as to go unnoticed at the time.  Yet the effects over time may drastically alter where we end up – or completely re-build the traveler to the point of being unrecognizable to the person who began the journey.  Some of the changes are major, like a comet slamming into a planet.  No heavenly orb will go through such an event without scars, changes to its orbit, or both.

It has occurred to The Bull that my Life has been changed.

In many ways I am the same big, hard-headed, bare-legged, Southern man I have always been.  In others, my experiences and the information I’ve gathered during my many research projects have altered my viewpoint on certain topics drastically.  I’ve also learned that it is time to be completely honest with my self concerning myself.  I have always had a dislike for major change.  Even when that change is years old I find myself hanging on to the remnants of the past.  Not because they are useful, but because they are comfortable.  Case in point:  my Faith.  Regular readers will know I have called myself ‘pagan; on this blog, being a Wiccan for the largest part of my childhood and my early adulthood.  Yet many years ago I stepped away from the teachings and trappings of all organized religion for the reasoning of Deism when I realized that I was merely going through the motions to satisfy others.   Seems that few have a clue about Deism, so I have been content to let the better known term of ‘pagan’ stay in place rather than endure years of explaining myself and my beliefs.  No longer.

This is one of many changes  – positive changes – in my life.  never fear, though!  I’m still bull-headed.  Still determined to keep our children safe from predators, still willing to fight extremist/terrorist who seek to destroy Freedom & Liberty.  Extremist of ANY Faith.  I am still a proud supporter of our military.  I am still a Conservative, especially on fiscal matters.  I am NOT a Republican or a Democrat.  I vote by candidate, not party.  I am still a gun-toting, CCW-carrying supporter of the 2nd Amendment – and the rest of our Constitution as our Founding Fathers wrote it. I still love my wife and six children, and I remain here in the home teaching my children to be good people and outstanding citizens.

So if there isn’t an Earth-rending split, what gives?  Why all the verbiage?  Is this blog finished?

Because this blog IS finished…

…with the way it has operated to date.

Stand by for a new look, and a new direction.  The Bull is still speaking, but not necessarily on the same topics as before.  Less rants, more education, and a more even-handed approach to my fellow man.

Keep watching for the changes.  After that, I’ll let my readers decide.

Thanks for reading!

Bull, out!

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About Bull

I am, first and foremost, the faithful husband of my wife, Beth. I am also the father to six wonderful kids, an American Gun-Owner, a priest (a Pagan variety), a Craftsman, a history buff (Scottish and American History primarily), a Freemason, and a US Navy Veteran. Due to simple bad luck in the gene sequence, I'm now disabled with multiple spinal issues. My previous career was in Property Management where I specialized in bringing problem apartment communities back to profitability. I once also built flintlock rifles, powder horns, and other items for hunters and Living History re-enactors. Today, I write, read, and do all I can to get The Truth out to my Community about Child Molesters, thieving local politicians, and Left-wing Liberal Loonies. When not involved in the above mentioned fight, I shoot as much as possible as a relaxation exercise.
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One Response to Stand by!

  1. TexasFred says:

    A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, your enemies won’t believe anything you say and your friends will stand beside you regardless…

    I am standing, knowing that you WILL make the right move in the right direction!

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