Local Pervert Rapes Miniature Horse

Unfortunately, I have the flu, or something damned near to it.  Since I’m not feeling like sitting here very long in order to condemn this sickening pervert, I’ll just let you read the sad details for yourself.  The following is from AL.com, a reasonably good source of news here in Alabama.

“Wilmer man accused of sexual abuse of miniature horse

[Posted by Mark R. Kent, Press-Register November 03, 2010, 8:40 PM]

A 27-year-old Wilmer man was charged Tuesday with cruelty to an animal after Mobile County sheriff’s deputies said he sexually abused a miniature horse in Wilmer last weekend.

Eric Steven Easley was also charged with killing or disabling livestock, which spokeswoman Lori Myles said is a felony.

Eric S. Easley

Eric S. Easley, suspected horse rapist.

She added that those two charges were filed against Easley because Alabama has no specific provision in its sexual abuse laws to cover bestiality“We the People” want that fixed & fixed NOW!   It is against the law to sell sex toys in this State, but it’s OK to rape animals?  Damn, just damn. ~ Bull*

Easley was charged and taken to Mobile County Metro Jail about 7 p.m. Tuesday and was released on bail totaling $4,000 about two hours later, jail records showed.

Myles said deputies were first called Saturday afternoon to a residence on Wilmer Road that serves as a breeding facility for the miniature horses.

She said the owner of the female horse noticed the animal was acting strangely. Myles said the owner and deputies found tail hair tied to a post, indicating someone had tried to tie the tail to the post.

According to Myles, deputies and a veterinarian discovered blood and other evidence that indicated the horse had been sexually abused.

Myles said the owner found a wallet containing Easley’s identification, including a driver’s license and Social Security card, near the horse. Easley was questioned Sunday at the department’s North station and was charged Tuesday afternoon, Myles said.

Easley gave jail officials an address on Saturn Drive, which is about two miles north of where the horse was kept.

Easley was scheduled to appear this morning in Mobile County District Court, according to jail records.”

There are animal lovers, and then there are animal LOVERS.  We have it on pretty good authority that the “suspect” confessed all – after being shown his wallet which was found under the victim.  I would not be surprised if the police did a rape kit on the wee horse.

What we have here is yet another sick pervert that needs to self-correct.  Hell, I’ll loan the son of a bitch both the rope and the step ladder.  He’ll have to find his own tree, but in Wilmer that should not be too hard of a task.  One thing is for certain, these perverts will NOT stop until they assume room temperature.  Count on it, when he’s let out of jail he will be right back to looking for defenseless victims.  Might be miniature horses, might be chickens, but it just might be children!  Sooner or later he will go too far.  I just pray that the authorities put him away for a while and label him for life as a sex offender – but I’m not holding my breath.

Bull, out!

More on this perv later, when I’m feeling better.

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4 Responses to Local Pervert Rapes Miniature Horse

  1. TexasFred says:

    That SOB takes *SICK* to a whole new level…

  2. Poor horse says:

    Thats disgusting,its such dissapointment to know that men go to an ANIMAL for sex. I mean really with all these other “easy” women out there why go to a defensless animal!?

  3. Bull says:

    What disturbs me nearly as bad as the actions of this piece of walking ‘gator food is the fact that there is NO law here in Alabama that Eric Easley can be charged with that will force him to register as a sex offender! Can you believe that?

    BTW: He has pulled down his Facebook page and is now refusing to accept phone calls. (I wonder why…?) A local reporter did talk to him, though. Easley stated that he must have dropped his wallet while chasing a baby deer. A lame story, but if true, I’m glad to hear the fawn got away!

  4. Dale says:

    I want to make a comment about this person. This comment I am about to share is in no way to shift blame OR to say Eric isn’t guilty and in need of some serious help. He was one of those kids who fell through the cracks of society.
    I knew Eric when he was in his early teens. I knew his family very well in fact. Eric has two older sisters I wont give names for. These kids had a horrific childhood. The mother who was dating a very large man at the time when all three of the kids where just babies molested them repeatedly through many years. This is what lead to Eric’s mental spiral downward.
    He showed signs of mental issues all through his teen years and needed serious help but never really got it. So the problems just grew for him. Does this excuse his behavior? Not by a long shot… but it does show how tramatic his experiences as a child where. The mothers boyfriend was sent to prison but only served a 7 yr sentence for the molestation of all three of the kids. Its just sad to me to see that by the act of one sick man he managed to destroy the lives of three kids.
    Eric needed help all his life but as i said he never got it to no great extent. Maybe now he’s in jail he can get treatment of some kind. But jail is the best place for him now.

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