The Eric Steven Easley Saga, cont.

I saw the following comment on a website this morning while scanning the 1,390 Google results concerning about our local, (& now World Famous), accused pervert, Eric Steven Easley.

Lost wallet $26.00
Pack of Condoms $6.00
Rope for tying tails $3.00

Your mugshot on the Vice for horse rape. Priceless.

Seriously.  This story has gone viral and is now in some seven different languages and every nation on the planet.  There is NO place this guy can go right now without someone pointing him out and laughing… if he’s lucky.  From the anger I’m hearing from the locals, it might be best for this guy to stay indoors.  Better yet, he should turn himself in for protective custody!  The farming community is pissed off.  The Citizenry is concerned about the safety of their children. Perhaps all for good reason.

Before I get too far out there I should add that this guy has NOT been convicted in relation to this incident.  True, he does have a couple of violent charges on his record, but this is his first charge of abusing animals.  So, by Our Constitution he is to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law.  Word has it that Easley confessed to everything, yet I have not seen anything in writing.

Can you imagine what it is like knowing that everyone – literally everyone – knows that you did, or have been charge with, such an act?  The depression must be crushing.

I’m aware of only one interview with Mr. Easley concerning this incident.  The Bull is making this offer: I will allow Mr. Eric Steven Easley a chance to post his side of the story – in his own words & totally unedited – right here on The Bull Speaks! All he needs do is to forward what he wants posted to me, either directly or through his lawyer.  It will be post here within minutes of its arrival.

Mr. Easley, here’s your chance.  Completely unedited.  Only your words, with no commentary from me or anyone else.  It’s up to you.  Some radio or TV station may give you an interview, but no one else will offer you a chance to say what you want without asking questions.  The Bull will.

Think about it.

Bull, out.

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2 Responses to The Eric Steven Easley Saga, cont.

  1. Sean says:

    I loved the story about Michael Alig I just found. has the same belief as you do in regards to Michael.

  2. ronald j. lee says:

    eric steven easley, alleged horse raper of Wilmer has been charged with the rape of his former girlfriend today.

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