TSA goes Pervert

There is a lot of verbiage out there concerning the TSA’s latest ploy of feeling up people’s crotches… unless you are Muslim, of course.  Then you get a free pass!

While reading through the comments posted on various news outlets and blogs I came across the following statement which kinda sums it up nicely…

I do think the US Government goes overboard on security at the airport. Very few nail clippers get past the sharp eyes of the US Government at the screening stations in the airports.

BUT, somehow, 10.8 million illegal aliens slipped across our border. Not one of the border jumpers had a pat down. Not one of the border jumpers had a physical for deadly diseases like cholera. Not one of the border jumpers had a body scan.

Of the 10.8 million border jumpers in the United States, is it possible a few terrorists from the middle east slipped across our borders? How many does it take to fly a plane?

Then think of the cities that offer sanctuary to illegal aliens, like San Jose and San Francisco. Is it possible terrorists or Mexican drug cartel assassins could be hiding in public in those cities?

Isn’t it strange that the US Government gives money to sanctuary cities, the same cities that refuse to help the federal government identify and deport illegal aliens?

Tight security at the airports but the back doors are wide open. Our Congress and president can’t even build a fence.

Just saying…

Lee Ellak
San Jose CA

You said a mouthful, Lee!  I’ll just add one little quote from one of my old favorites…

“They who would give up essential Liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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3 Responses to TSA goes Pervert

  1. Someone keeping track says:

    Yawn. You carped on Michael Ray Peavy. What happened? He’s registered and MARRIED to a nice young 35 year old. What’s your beef now, Bull? Just wondering, cause you were so mean to me! You forgot and now someone just lives among you and marries and you don’t care! Ha! I got this all from Google. Guess you have more to harp on, are you worried about TSA? Are you taking a flight? Where to, Bull? Are you traveling? Or are you just wearing a tin foil hat?

  2. Bruce says:

    Hey Bull,
    I found your site from another thread discussing EMP’s and satellites. From what I read you served in the Navy in a field that deals with nukes. I have a former church youth group member doing the same thing for the last year now. He’s stationed in Chicago right last I heard. I have a question concerning satellites and nukes. I understand they have satellites that can carry a nuclear missle but can the satellite itself be a nuclear device to create an EMP? I know satellites fly at different altitudes depending on there usage and that at the poles they fly lower than over the equator where they fly higher. My understanding is for an EMP they need to be apprx 30 miles above earth. IS any of this accurate or totally of base?


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